Koosen and Zoë develop and facilitate cross cultural workshops and events. These workshops have been run for staff professional development, community bridging, and healing. Previous clients include; Hollyhock Resort, School District 47, Powell River RCMP, Child Youth and Family Services, Justice Services, Diversity InitiativeHomalco Nation, Community Media Advocacy Centre 
Please contact us to discuss your needs and interests.
Speak Up! (and What to do When You Get Called Out: Regardless of our backgrounds, we all run in to situations where we wish we had said something different. It takes practice to speak up in an effective and safe manner, whether it's for yourself or someone else. It also takes courage to admit you might have more to learn or that you made a mistake.  Learn the skills you need to further a conversation rather than escalate a situation. This hands on workshop will guide small groups to practice words and actions to use when things get heated. *booking now

The Blanket Exercise:  A workshop on Colonization and Reconciliation. Originally created by KAIROS Canada, this experiential learning workshop is a visceral experience of how Turtle Island became the Canada of today. taxumajehjeh regularly updates the script to include local history and experiences as well as current events. The Blanket Exercise can be adapted for specific audiences and locations. Our workshop includes song and a Cedar Brushing Ceremony. *Currently unavailable
Reconciliation vrs Wreck-onciliation: This workshop follows up on the Blanket Exercise with courageous conversations on Decolonizing and W(re)ck-onciliation in your community. Created for teachers developing a deeper understanding around the First People's Principals of Learning from the Ministry of Education, this workshop is a conversation with your team to understand where they are on the continuum. In a safe, nonjudgmental way, we look at opportunities that have been missed and ones that are coming up. 
Empowered Voices, Sound Stories: Media Literacy is about more then understanding how media is created, it is Creating the Media! This workshop teaches how to gather stories, writing techniques, interviewing and recording skills as well as how to share what you have created. Whether you want to record your Kookpa's stories or a Documentary we can teach you how!
ʔayʔajuθəm: An introduction to Language Revitalization and the  ɬəʔamɛn Language and written word. Participants learn the history of ʔayʔajuθəm as well as the present state of Language revitalization in so-called British Columbia. Learn to greet people in our local language!  This workshop can include a technical component on recording and editing.
Half day, full day or 3 day workshop starting at $400
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