Koosen ʔət̓ᶿ nən. Zoe ʔət̓ᶿ nən.  ʔajɛčɛpʔot 
Our names are Koosen and Zoe. Hello everyone.

Since 2013, we have been working together to ‘bridge the gap’ and build initiatives that allow for courageous conversations to occur. Our earliest collaboration was a radio documentary, 'We Are Still Here', about language warriors in the TlaAmin Nation. The success of this piece as well as our shared visions for the future, inspired us to continue our work together. 

We rely on traditional taʔow to foster good connections and ceremony to continue our work of creating courageous conversations in a good way.
As trained facilitators, we use transmedia storytelling and facilitated conversations to develop understanding about our country’s historic and current situation. Collectively we have hosted hundreds of courageous conversations throughout Coast Salish Territory with thousands of people. We believe that by sharing this information we can foster appreciation and connections between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people and ultimately develop a stronger, healthier community.
Koosen Piele 
Koosen (AKA Devin) is a member of the TlaAmin Nation. She has traveled extensively in Canada as a Youth Leader and with the First Nations Health Authority. As a Language Warrior she is following the path of many in her family, working to revitalize and preserve TlaAmin’s Ayayjuthum (language). She has worked on the e-dictionary as well as the Traditional Place Names mapping project. Koosen’s work has been documented in film, radio and print. Koosen has also created award winning media including “We Are Still Here”, a documentary on other language warriors in her community.   
Zoë Ludski 
Zoë (AKA Cousin Awd) found community in the territory of the Tla’Amin Nation after working internationally in media and education for over two decades. Zoë is a Transmedia Artist who creates and teaches storytelling in multiple media. She has been recognized for her media production, sound design, writing and radio broadcasting. She was the host of the long-running radio show/podcast 42 Fish. Her work focuses on Communication and Equity, through Media Literacy, Policy and Direct Action. She works with national organizations that support community-based, nonprofit and noncommercial broadcasters, as well as media produced by volunteers and/or underrepresented communities. (Independent Community T.V., Community Media Advocacy Centre)
Jacqueline Mathieu 
Jacqueline, a member of the Klahoose First Nation, has worked in her community’s language team for the last eight years. Language documentation, preservation & revitalization keeps her grounded in who she is as an Indigenous French-Canadian woman. Coproducing indigenous media content as well as navigating communications between settler establishments and her community keep her very busy. Jacqueline’s strengths include clear thought-out communication and she believes the way forward is by lifting people up, building capacity and investing in our people. 
Amira Abouelalla
Amira is from Toronto, Ontario where she was born and raised until the age of 12. That same year, she moved to Egypt with her family where she lived and went to school for 5 years. Living in Egypt, Amira was able to learn and speak her father-tongue– Arabic– and reconnect with her Egyptian culture. Amira is also Ojibway from Keeseekoowenin First Nations in Manitoba and has Black ancestry from Nova scotia. 
Amira studied at York University where she received her BA bachelor’s degree with honours in English and a bachelor of education. Amira’s goal has always been to work in education to change, understand, and prevent further injustices against Indigenous Peoples in Canada. In her down time, Amira enjoys travelling, reading, writing, kayaking, and cycling.
beatrix baxter

Koosen and Zoe standing on shores of Bella Bella in the rain wearing hats!
We work with Elders from our community, a team of skilled facilitators and mentor youth while we work.
Our team includes Randolf Timothy, Doreen Point, John Louie, Betty Wilson, Elsie Paul, Verna Francis, Lisa Wilson, Jordan Mitchell, Jacqueline Mathieu, Rae Dene Noble, DJ Hanson, Brenda Hanson
Our clients have included; The City of Powell River,  Vancouver Island University, School District 47, Powell River RCMP, Child Youth and Family Services, Justice Services, P.R Diversity Initiative, Homalco Nation, Community Media Advocacy CentreHollyhock Resort, and others.
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